Two Dutch Women Launch Social Business Software at Europe's Largest Tech Conference

Toolinq Is Out To Change CRM Forever

Ingrid Tappin ( 34 ) and Sabine Schoorl ( 41 ) were selected from hundreds of start-ups around the world to put themselves in the spotlight at Europe's largest webconference The Next Web 2014 - 24th and 25th of April in Amsterdam - The two women from Haarlem will lauch their software invention Toolinq; a mobile tool that connects everybody at every level within a company. Real-time, in an environment that you can compare to Facebook.

More than ever people are connected to other people, all over the world, all day. We have social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and of course the iPhone and iPad. But one way or the other we still have trouble communicating effectively with each other.

More than a hundred executives, managers and entrepreneurs Schoorl and Tappin trained in recent years, remarkably all said the same :

'Despite all communication , within our companies we don't - or insufficiently - know, what everybody is up to. Although we share loads of information (through meetings , emails, documents, intranet and CRM) we seldom seem to find the answer to our most important business question: Who is talking to whom about what?' 

Business professionals want more insight in each others relationships and conversations. Directors and managers, salespeople, account managers and receptionists don't know how to utilise their network and knowledge fully. They spend a lot of time talking about what happened yesterday. Not able to act in the now, crucial business information leaks away.

Enter the entrepreneurial spirit of Tappin and Schoorl, who formulated a solution to this problem and developed Toolinq. It's as simple as it is ingenious. Not without reason this female startup duo is rapidly taking over the tech start-up jungle in The Netherlands, still mostly the domain of men.

It's fascinatingly easy to communicate via Toolinq. It's simple for everyone within a company to find out what's going on and share relevant information about a project or client directly. Toolinq withdraws itself from so called company hierarchy. The founders believe business is personal and CRM should be social. No more politics.

Barry van Sloten, CEO at stock mark listed Grontmij - one of Toolinqs launching customers, as is Dura Vermeer, Innofunding and Doka Netherlands - says:

'Toolinq means having confidence in each other. Dare to share. By collaberating smarter we increase our commercial power and can perform at our very best. Which is exactly what our customers expect from us.'

About Toolinq :

Toolinq is social CRM.

It is real time communication with your team. But unlike social intranet tools like Yammer and Speakap you don't share everything and anything. By intelligently linking Toolinq with your LinkedIn contacts you only announce, share and follow the conversations between colleagues, customers and prospects. You get insight in relationships and all business connections .

No more boring meetings about yesterday, with Toolinq there's place for tomorrow's agenda. The era of the traditional CRM is over.

"'Toolinq means having confidence in each other. Dare to share. By collaberating smarter we increase our commercial power and can perform at our very best. Which is exactly what our customers expect from us.'" Barry van Sloten, CEO Grontmij
"It's the smart addition to any CRM system, because now we are connected to each other real time ." Peter Kraaijenveld, CEO Doka Netherlands
"Business is personal. That's why we believe CRM should be social." Ingrid Tappin, Co-Founder Toolinq
About Toolinq, create new business. together.

Business is personal. That's why we developed software for YOU.

Toolinq is the first private network for business professionals and entrepreneurs to create new business together.

It's a smart way of privately sharing who you know and what you're talking about in real time.

Toolinq is invite-only. It's meant for people who believe giving is the new getting.

Instead of just collecting new contacts you now have a social tool that helps you seize unique business opportunities with people you know, like and trust.

For pricing information and invitation requests feel free to get in touch via email or phone: // 0031628414516

Toolinq is also available for corporate companies. Check our website for more info:

Toolinq was selected as a featured startup at TNW Europe Conference 2014 as part of the Boost program, which showcases the most promising early stage startups from all over the world.

create new business. together.